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English at work

English is becoming increasingly important in the workplace whether you work in an English-speaking country or not.  You probably have particular skills that you learnt in your country, but if you want to make the most of them in your career then you need to be able to explain your ideas in professional sounding English. This will help you to make the right impression when you step into the office.


The type of language that we use at work is not quite the same as the language we use when we are talking to our friends. Finding a more professional sounding tone is important, whether you are talking on the phone with a potential client or writing an email to your line-manager.


I have valuable experience of helping students to develop their English for their professional lives. In 2012 I taught business English to employees at Prada in Italy. Since then in my work at language schools I have had the opportunity to help a lot of business men and young entrepreneurs to improve their English for their careers.  


As well as offering private classes directly to students, I work with companies to offer business English classes to international employees in the workplace at a time that suits people’s working days. By working closely with companies and employees I am able to provide lessons that develop employees’ skill-sets, assisting them to manage the specific requirements of their positions.


One to one classes  at your place of work: £20 per hour

Group classes: £12 per student per hour


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