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A lot of people would like to study English but they are very busy. So they spend 20 minutes studying English, and then they spend the rest of the time speaking their own language. This is completely understandable, but not an effective way to learn.



You will improve your English faster if you integrate English into your life. This means that you should use English as part of your life. Perhaps you like to listen to music, well try listening to songs in English. It doesn't have to feel like studying, it's just part of your life. The great thing is that you are learning naturally at the same time. Integrated English is English language learning that fits into your lifestyle!



There are lots of ways to make English a part of your life. The internet is making it easier for you to use your English. Try to use every part of your English, so think about listening, reading, writing, and speaking.



Watch films and TV programmes in English. Use English subtitles if you find it helpful. Use the internet to find English versions of films and TV programmes or find the English version on a DVD.  

Listen to music in English. There are lots of songs in English on Youtube. Try listening to the song without subtitles first and then find the words (the lyrics) afterwards to check what you understand.



Try reading graded reader books. These are English novels that are rewritten in a simpler way for people learning English to read. They are divided into levels from elementary to advanced.

Chat with your English-speaking friends on websites and apps like Facebook and Whatsapp. This means that you have to read and understand their messages before you can respond to them.

Change your technology into English. The language that your phone, and all of your apps and social media websites are set to can be changed into English. This will help you to use English regularly and improve your technology vocabulary.



Write to your English speaking friends in English online. An English-speaking friend doesn't have to be from an English-speaking country like the UK. They could be from another country, but English is your common language.

Start writing a diary or a blog in English. You might like to share your blog with your friends.



Start doing a language exchange with an English speaker. A language exchange is where you meet someone who speaks the language you want to learn (English) so that you can practise speaking English and they can practise speaking your language. The idea is that you both help each other. If you can't find an English speaker who wants to learn your language who lives near you maybe you can find one online.  

Join a group. In a lot of cities around the world there are social groups for English speakers and for people who are learning English. A lot of them are organised on Facebook. Try going to a group event and you can meet new people and practise speaking English together.


You can find links to websites to help you make improving your English part of your life on the Links to Useful Websites page.






What is integrated English?

"I study English, but I'm not improving as much as I'd like."

How can I integrate English into my life?
















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